How to keep wheels and rims in top condition

For those of us who class their car as their pride and joy, maintaining it to keep it looking like brand new is not such an arduous task. For those who think their car just transports them from A to B, looking after your wheels and rims might sound just a tad too difficult. However you may feel about your car, taking care of one of the most important components of your vehicle should be on your radar. First you need to understand rims can come in different types:
• Standard steel rims
• Alloys or Mags
Steel rims provide strength and an ability to last a long time. Although they don’t make a “statement” to a vehicle, steel rims can be dressed up with a hub cap to provide some aesthetic appeal.
Alloys or commonly known as Mags, can be a combination of aluminium and magnesium and although lighter in weight then steel wheels, still deliver the same strength and durability whilst offering a higher level of appeal as different designs are available. Generally more expensive than steel wheels but able to provide a “signature” look to the vehicle.
To take it a step further your vehicle may also have powder coated wheels. Powder coating of alloy rims provides an attractive finish, comes widely available in a variety of colours which also aids in resistance to corrosion.

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Winter Car Detailing – The Cold Hard Facts.

Washing your car in winter certainly is not as much fun as it is in the warmer summer months. The fact is however, our cars still need to be maintained, washed and detailed regularly, regardless of how cold it is outside. With winter upon us, the team at GNC Car Detailing figured it was the perfect time to help you out with some tips for your DIY winter car cleaning.

Winter Car Detailing – Professionals Make It Easy.
If you really can’t stand the thought of getting wet and cold in winter, using the services of a professional car detailing company like GNC is an obvious choice. Our professional team will take care of the job for you, so you don’t have to. If however a professional car clean is out of the question here are some tips you can take into consideration and which will make your winter car cleaning job more bearable.

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Are You Washing Your Car – Or Scratching It?

Professional Car Cleaning Tips and Techniques.

We all know that car detailing and professional car cleaning is the best way to go, but there will probably be times when you can’t make it to a professional car detailer and you need to give your car a once over yourself. Whether you’re a car fanatic or just need to remove the built up dirt on your family or work car – it’s important to go about your car cleaning job the right way to avoid scratching your car’s surface.

At GNC Car Detailing, we’ve seen just about all kinds of DIY mistakes when it comes to car cleaning and detailing. One of the most common causes of vehicle damage that we see, is surface scratching due to poor cleaning, drying and polishing techniques. Scratches caused by cleaning and polishing your car incorrectly can prove to be unsightly and costly to repair, but they are easily avoided. Continue reading

Are Your Headlights Cloudy?

Have you noticed your headlights becoming increasingly dull? Is it making you nervous to drive at night or in poor weather conditions? If the answer is yes, your headlights may be cloudy. Far more than a cosmetic deficit on your vehicle, cloudy headlights cause low visibility. This is not only unroadworthy, it can also cause a serious accident. Cloudy headlights are far more common than you may think. Any car left out in the harsh Australian sun is bound to suffer damage to the paint, interior and headlights. Chat with the team at GNC Car Detailing to restore your headlights to their former glory.
So, what causes cloudy headlights and what can be done to repair them? As mentioned, any car left in the harsh Australian sunlight is bound to suffer damage, and more often than not, this means cloudy headlights. Simply put, interior headlight damage is caused by intense ultraviolet light attacking the surface of the plastic. Continue reading


Car Wash vs. Car Detail

At what point does a car wash turn into a car detail?

For many people, car maintenance is something that is only thought about when their car starts to play up and a car wash only happens when it rains. Although we try and take care of the parts that move us from point a to point b, people often neglect the cleanliness of their car.

Whether you spend 5 minutes running a hose over your car or the entire weekend cleaning out a month’s worth of maccas wrappers, the benefits of hiring a professional car detailer to help you go far beyond just making your car look nicer.

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