Paint Protection

Just like every car make and model is different, so too are individual paint protection products. Some cars are ready for the scrap yard and others are masterpieces ready to go on show. Whether you are looking for a quick shine or something that will keep your paint looking fresh for years to come, you will need to sort through your options.

Although buffing, waxing, and polishing will all get you that desired look, only paint protection will give you a long lasting finish and extra protection.

Something as simple as a bird dropping can damage your paintwork. Don’t worry about leaving your car out in the sun or rain, or taking it off road for a bit of fun, with paint protection your car will be able to handle more while you sit back and relax – stress free!

Are you looking to protect your new car? Is your everyday driver ready for a little extra durability? Maybe it is time you considered protecting your investment!

New Car Paint Protection

Before you say ‘yes’ to letting your new car dealer add an extra couple of grand onto your bill for paint protection – STOP! Not only can this service be overcharged, dealers have also been known to use inferior sealants that are easier to be put on and don’t require training to use.

We never like hearing our customers talk about paint protection they thought would be an investment to their vehicle but turns out to be nothing more than a scam. We always strive to provide services our clients can trust, and our new car paint protection system is no different.

Make sure your new pride and joy has long lasting paint protection so you can maintain its resale value for years to come.

Used Car Paint Protection

Although it is better to prevent your car’s paint from being damaged since new, if you are buying a used car or have a family car that you just haven’t gotten around to protecting yet, it’s better late than never!

Depending on the type of paint protection that you use, these products can wear thin over time. Even if your car has been protected in the past, it may require a new coat. Our trained team will be able to advise you in exactly what is best for your car and your wallet.

Damaged paint can drastically decrease the value of your car. If you might want to sell your car one day, or pass it onto a loved one, make sure you help its paint look new.

Start protecting your car’s paint, and contact our professional team today!