Pre Sale Detailing

Whether it was your first, your only, or your dream – you have loved your car for years. You’ve travelled to adventures in it, made memories with it, and covered it in various kinds of mess!.

At GNC Mobile Car Detailing, we know how much you love your car and what it means for you to move on. We also know that those years of beach adventures, caked on mud, and that time you spilled a large slurpee all over the passenger seat has left evidence of your memories behind.

Potential buyers will focus on appearance 90% of the time when purchasing a used car. Our affordable pre sale detail will make your car shine above its competitors, help it to sell quicker, and pay for itself by increasing the value of your car (regardless of how old and beat up it is).

Catch People’s Attention

Some people will take one look at your old beat up AU and click on the next ad. Make sure your car stands out amongst the crowd. Our pre sale detail will bring out the best in your car’s paint, show off its crisp clean lines, and make your wheels look new again. Used car buyers won’t be able to resist finding out more about your beloved vehicle.

Sell Your Car Quicker

A pre sale detail will help your car appeal to a wider range of buyers. People are going to look for a car that has been taken care of, and that they can simply get in and drive away. Nobody wants to have to clean a car the day they buy it. Put your car at the top of the ‘to buy’ list by making it look desirable.

Increase Your Car’s Value

A pre sale detail can also increase the value of your car up to (and in some cases beyond) 20%! This is a simple way to help you market your car to potential buyers and put a little extra cash in your back pocket.

If you think your car isn’t worth a detail, think again! We detail first cars through to luxury vehicles, and we take pride in making every car shine like it should. There is no job too big or too small for us.

And, we will come to you! Whether you are at work or home, our professional detailers are ready to come straight to your door and leave your car looking spotless.

GNC Mobile Car Detailers are professionally trained to make each car look stunning. During a pre sale detail, our detailers will:

  1. Make your paint look like new.
    We have the perfect specialised tools and products to help rejuvenate your car’s paintwork. We will cut, buff, polish and wax our way towards making you rethink selling your car.
  2. Remove any residual evidence
    We can remove all stains from your car’s interior (no one will ever need to know about that morning you covered yourself, and your seat, in coffee). We will also give your seats and carpet a thorough clean with our vacuum and shampoo treatment.
  3. Make your engine shine
    Show your car’s next owners just how much love you have for your baby on four wheels. We will clean your engine until it is looking like it did the day it came out of the factory.

Let our professional car detailers help you get your car sold fast! Don’t wait for the right buyer to come along, put your car to work and make it speak for itself.

Warning: After seeing your pride in joy glistening clean and shining in the sun, you might decide that you don’t want to sell it after all.